• Our Community

    A learning community aimed at creating citizens and leaders of the world. Leadership is not about a corporate title but about creating movement to effect change. Our focus is on effective interaction with others, communication skills that include self-advocacy, compassion and consideration.

  • Facilitating, not Disseminating

    We strive to facilitate learning by constructing the environment that weaves students through the journey with some scaffolding so they don't feel abandoned and overwhelmed. There is no value in memorizing information. It's not about the right answer--it's about understanding.

  • Critical and Analytical Thinkers

    Critical thinking is the objective analysis of facts to form a judgment. Understanding our own biases, parsing out feelings from facts, making connections and deductions based on evidence... these are the skills we want to impart on our students.

  • Secular STEM Education

    Engaging courses, rigorous lab sciences, competitive team opportunities and clubs that promote problem solving and working through complex problems. Guiding students from collectors of information to expectant creators of coherent understanding.

Welcome to illuminatED

A learning community aimed at creating global citizens.

We want our children to understand the world… to be in touch with the world… from it’s soil to it’s people to what lies beyond. We want to lead by example in behavior and relationships.

Together, we are always questioning and always learning… and breathing fresh air as often as possible.

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